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Many different types of homes feature floor drains in order to provide easy access to drainage pipes. They can be found in various locations around a home such as in a garage, basement, laundry room or even outside on your patio to prevent water from collecting and promote drainage. However, just like any type of drain, they can become clogged with various types of debris and substances over time. It’s important to keep floor drains clear of anything that could create a clog.

Warning Signs That Your Floor Drain Needs Maintenance

A floor drainage pipe will flow into larger drainage pipes or may even run into the local sewer system. A floor drain is typically small and covered by a straining grate to ensure no large debris flows down.

If you are experiencing consistent drainage problems with your floor drain, then it may be an early sign that a more serious issue is on the horizon. The following are some of the most common warning signs that your floor drain is not functioning properly:

  • Strange or bad odors coming from your floor drain. These odors may resemble old garbage or even a sewage smell.
  • Water is slow to move down the drain and may create a puddle around it before it drains completely.
  • The sound of gurgling or rattling when water is flowing down the drain.
  • Frequent clogs or water is failing to drain at all.

A slow running drain may seem like minor inconvenience, but if not fixed the problem will only get worse. If you are noticing these or any other problems with your floor drain, contact Hire Me Plumbing so that we can help your get your drain back in working order.

What Is Causing My Floor Drain To Clog?

Sometimes it may seem like a real mystery as to why your floor drain keeps clogging up. You may at first think that it is something you flushed down the drain, such as hair, grease or oils. However, that is not necessarily the cause. Slow draining water or a complete clog can be a symptom of a larger plumbing system problem.

If you notice any issues with your floor drain, such as slow drainage or complete clogs, then the following are some possible causes:

Floor Drain Or Plumbing Line Clogs

When any part of your plumbing system is clogged it can actually cause a backup of water or slow drainage in your floor drain as well. For example, if your home’s main drain is starting to back up, then water will buildup in your floor drain, even when you are not flushing any water down it. Waste water may even overflow through your floor drain when you are not using it, but are instead using other appliances that flush water such as your washing machine or dishwasher.

Sewer Line Backup

Typically, floor drains will flow into the home’s plumbing system and then flush out into the local sewer system. If there is a clog within these sewer lines, then you will also experience water buildup in your floor drain. Or, you may start experiencing foul smells coming from your floor drain, like those resembling sewage, which can be very unpleasant.

Plumbing Line Damage

When water is backing up and failing to flow down your floor drain properly then our first instinct is to assume there is a clog. However, a clog may have nothing to do with the issue. Sometimes, a sewer line or plumbing line in your home may have cracks or holes in it. Also, tree roots can cause plumbing lines to become warped or misaligned, which means water will not flow through them as quickly as it should. In these cases water will either flow slowly down your floor drain or not at all. This is why it’s important to have a qualified plumber inspect your floor drain system in order to determine the exact cause of the issue.

Regular Inspections Can Prevent Floor Drain Problems

The key to ensuring that your floor drain is functioning properly is to take preventative measures. If you are experiencing issues with your floor drain such as slow drainage, foul smells coming from it or strange noises when draining water then it is likely a symptom of a larger problem. These problems don’t just solve themselves, which is why you will want an experienced plumber to carefully evaluate the satiation. Contact Hire Me Plumbing today and we will ensure that your floor drain and plumbing systems are in peak working order.

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