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Clean water is an essential part of every home. It is important for keeping a clean house, ensuring our health as well as our hygiene. However, there are many areas where water may contain contaminants that are harmful to your health and well-being. Or, sometimes water can give off a sulfur smell, depending on the minerals located around your home, which can be very unpleasant. Also, there are areas with hard water, or water which has an unusually high concentration of minerals. No matter the situation, a home water filtration system can solve these problems for you.

Benefits Of A Whole Home Water Filtration System

Oftentimes when someone wants clean water in their home they first think to install individual water filters on their faucets, perhaps in their kitchen. However, these filters only work on one faucet at a time and if you have several of them around your home, you will have to constantly change their filters. These filters also won’t cover your shower, unless you get special filters for your shower heads as well.

It is much more efficient to have a whole home water filtration system installed, which will give you the following benefits:

Single Water Filtration Solution

You will no longer have to go around your home changing individual filters anymore. Also, you won’t have to worry about faucets or taps that do not have filters on them, as their water will automatically pass through a filter before it reaches you. With a whole house system, there is only one filter you will ever have to change, so you don’t have to install bulky filters on each faucet anymore.

Healthier Drinking Water

If you live in an area where your water passes through a treatment plant, then it may still contain unwanted substances like lead. Or, oftentimes chemicals like fluoride and chlorine are added, which you may want removed from your drinking water. When you install whole house water filter you can rest easy knowing your drinking water from any faucet is clean.

Remove Excess Minerals From Your Water

Minerals present in your water can build up in your plumbing system and hot water heater over time. This is especially true if you have hard water. This buildup of minerals can harm your pipes and appliances. Also, sediment can accumulate within the inner lining of your hot water heater, resulting in further issues. Keeping your water clean before it enters your home’s indoor plumbing can help your pipes and appliances last longer.

Clean Water For Your Shower & Bath

You may have installed a filter on your sink faucets because you want clean drinking water, but what about the water you use to take a shower or bath? If your water contains unhealthy contaminants that you don’t want to ingest, then it makes sense that you wouldn’t want water with those same contaminants interacting with your skin every day. Some of these contaminants may even be causing skin irritation. The best way to ensure all of the water that you use in your home is clean is to install a whole home water filter.

No Longer Have To Buy Bottled Water

If you are someone who enjoys drinking purified water, yet do not have any filters on your faucets, then you may be spending money each week on purchasing bottled water. When you install a home water filtration system you can achieve the same level of purity for your drinking water as you would find in many bottled water products. This will in turn save you money over time since you will no longer have to purchase bottled water. In addition, it’s better for the environment, as bottled water uses a lot of plastic in production of its bottles.

Home Water Filtration Systems Are A Great Investment

As you can see, investing in a home water filtration system can not only improve the purity of your drinking and bathing water, but it is also a fantastic investment that can save you money over purchasing bottled water all the time. The experts at Hire Me Plumbing have installed many home water filters over the years. Contact us for an appointment today.

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